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1. Describe the first time you ever got high

This will be kinda long, the first time I ever got high was with my boyfriend, who I wasn’t with at the time, I never smoked weed before and I was really nervous, and I was looking up YouTube videos on how to take buckets so I didn’t look stupid, I ended up swallowing the bucket water anyways… Then he asked me if I wanted kool aid, I said no, he went downstairs and I drank all of his lol. I didn’t get high though, my throat just hurt a lot and his room was orange at the time and it hurt my eyes.

6. Have you ever gotten your pet high?

Yes, we used to get my cat so baked, now he’s terrified of smoke and runs away, we think its because he got into some shrooms one day, and he was high for awhile ):

Do your eyes get red when you smoke?

Nooo they do not

failed step 1

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step 1: stop being and asshole

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My kief

Are you kidding me? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Did you serious just put “my kief” on MY picture? Fuck you

Just a beautiful Purple Maroc plant

Grape Puff